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Relaxation = Productivity

January 21, 2009

I have recently been dealing with a lot of anxiety lately and I determined that it may be because I have a lot going on, but no way of managing it all. Of course, being a nerd – I went right for a book to help me. I read Getting Things Done by David Allen (Organizing Nerd King) and while I learned a few things about flexibility and turning projects into manageable, physical “next steps” (promise, I won’t super-nerd out here), the main thing I learned is that lists are good.

I decided to take a few days off as a “staycation” (I have a bunch of roll-over vacation days because apparently I took no time off of work last year – possibly another cause of stress?) and combined with MLK Jr. Day, I got a full 5 days off with no commitments. It was awesome and productive. I got cracking on some of my lists. So, in list form – what I got done on my staycation!

  • Renew library books
  • Visited my friend Evelyn
  • Sit on my butt and cry said butt off while watching President Obama take office
  • Made appointment with a therapist (Anxiety? What anxiety?)
  • Watch 1st episode of return of BSG
  • Food shopping
  • Called my mom
  • Went to lunch at Blue Smoke
  • Updated my resume (just keeping it current! I haven’t since college)
  • Solicit feedback on resume
  • Figured out what to do with my 401k/possible Roth IRA
  • Watched next disk of Mad Men
  • Finished reading “Getting Things Done”
  • Figured out my password and transferred money to my high yield savings account
  • Looked for pictures of a statue (yes, this was on a list)
  • Buy soy candles (dork alert!)
  • Finally made an appointment to and then had appointment with a contact who answered some of my questions about HR/organizational effectiveness

Stuff I still have to do:

  • Re-request my book from the library because its unrenewable and I just selected it for office book club
  • Blog about “Getting Things Done” for my book blog
  • Fold stuff in my dresser so it doesn’t try to attack me in my sleep
  • Plan trip to Seattle with Frank
  • Read a book that isn’t Getting Things Done

Not bad for a few days of relaxation.

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  1. January 23, 2009 10:17 am

    The best to cure my anxiety, until I finished it, was “Wherever you go there, there you are” by Jon Kabat Zinn

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