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Who is the Queen of Nerds?

January 22, 2009

Like you even have to ask! The blog will most likely be quiet this weekend, unless I update in a fit of delirium. You see, starting on Friday evening, I will be spending 50 hours holed up in my friend’s apartment (with a break to go see Jersey Boys with Frank’s parents on Sunday) doing The Great Midwest Trivia Contest, also known as the “World’s Longest Running Trivia Concert.”  You may be asking why I am participating in a midwest trivia contest when I live very firmly in New York, but the answer to that (and many other things) is: Eppy. Eppy can be explained in a few different ways, one being the Ennie award winning author of Dread and the other being my close friend who hails from Wisconsin.

Eppy used to play trivia on some crazy team, but since he moved to NY a few years ago, we have supported his annual trivia habit and have become obsessed in our own right. This weekend is going to involve a lot of futile googling on scattered about laptops, furious redialing to some jammed up radio station in Wisconsin, awkward conversations trying to stall whomever finally answers the phone if we don’t yet have the answer, embarassing yelling of our almost assuredly ridiculous team name (last year’s was “General McLeod’s Bean Curd”) and way, way too much junk food.
Trivia basically works like this:

1. They ask a question on the web broadcast and start the timer.
2. Unless one of us knows the answer off the top of our heads (which is rare), everybody starts furiously searching for the answer on the internet (and it’s usually something ultra-obscure and tough to find!)
3. When we have an answer or we think we are close to an answer, some people start calling in to the radio station. It’s hard to get through because lots of people are calling!
4. With any luck, you get through and you have three chances to answer. If any of your three answers are correct, we get a point! If they are all wrong, you have to call back and try again!
5. When the time runs out, they tell you which teams got it right and ask another question. This repeats for 50 HOURS!

It’s exhausting, it’s frustrating, everyone ends up being smelly and cranky and yet, its the weekend I look forward to all year.


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