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Twenty Five Random Things

January 30, 2009

1.    I really love dinosaurs and can go dinosaur trivia head-to-head with most 10 year old boys.

2.    I starred in several awful public-access TV shows as a kid.

3.    My vision is so bad that I haven’t seen the “Big E” on the eye chart since 5th grade.

4.    Taxidermy freaks me out.  It’s the glass eyes.

5.    I love professional wrestling. The first time I ever cut school was to have my Wrestlemania XVII book signed by my love, Triple H. Monday Night RAW is my favorite and I harbor not-so-secret dreams of being a pro-wrestler.

6.    I took roller skating lessons as a kid. To this day I can neither stop nor go backwards. I just slow down and wait for a barrier.

7.    I know nothing of his discography, but have an encyclopedic knowledge of Elvis Presley personal trivia.

8.    I spent 6 weeks in Hurup Thy, Denmark excavating and yet, the only Danish I know consists of train directions, washing machine instructions, electrical shock warnings and notifications of summer sales.

9.    I have always, always wanted to own and manage a retail store.

10.    I really the idea of working in service industries like being a waitress or a concierge.

11.    Every time I play the lotto and don’t win, I am profoundly disappointed.

12.    I attended horseback riding school when I was a preteen and won a blue ribbon in equestrian jumping.

13.    I have virtually no short-term memory and cannot recognize or repeat lines of dialogue from even my favorite movies (Grease and Dirty Dancing are the only exceptions).

14.    I read a lot. And very quickly. I think I average about 150 pages an hour and yes, I retain what I read. Except not for long. See #13.

15.    I have been maintaining two blogs. One is this one, and the other is a year-long accounting of every book I have read:  Pale Nerd

16.    I wear the same 2 or 3 rings for years on end, without much or any variation. Currently it’s a claddagh ring (from Frank, and inscribed), a ring I accidentally stole from a Ren Fair about 13 years ago that is a moonstone/flower thing, and new to the rotation is a ring that Frank got me for our anniversary that’s a leafy thing. All silver.

17.    I spent a summer in Paris “studying watercolor” but spent more time at museum gift shops than studying art.

18.    I very often mishear music lyrics and my interpretations of songs usually amuse me more than the actual words. “Oh my god, ‘Jeremy’ is about what?!? In my version, they were singing about tiramisu.”

19.    I really hate when people don’t understand evolution.

20.    I love music but I am just bad at it. I have failed every Intro to Music class I have ever taken.

21.    My actual age is somewhere around 87. I have had my gall bladder removed, I have gastritis, take daily medication for a thyroid condition and occasionally lapse into Yiddish.

22.    I hate licorice flavored anything.

23.    I genuinely love my job, my boss, my company and my co-workers.

24.    The first thing I do when I get home is take off my shoes and my rings. Not because any of it is uncomfortable, it’s just what I do.

25.    My favorite dish is my family’s recipe for stuffing. I just found out that the recipe came from my Uncle Bill and it was his recipe when he was a cook during WWII. Yes, that’s right. My favorite food is Army food.

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  1. January 30, 2009 5:27 pm

    Thank you for commenting on my blog awhile a go! I read your blog all the time now and you crack me up.

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