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The Fury of the Fridge

February 3, 2009

I am not a good person. How do I know? I am currently posting because I am worked up, in a tizzy over Caffeine Free Diet Coke. I shall explain.

I live with my boyfriend. He is a good person, albeit sometimes forgetful. He is not generally selfish or inconsiderate or any other horrible thing that should cause my mother to worry. But sometimes I think that perhaps I am one of those people that should live alone. Note – I will regret this post when either A) I am alone in the house and a very large bug has been found or B) Almost the entire summer, because Frank goes to the North Atlantic all summer, leaving me – alone. But, I digress. What does my dear, sweet boyfriend do that drives me up a wall? He eats food and beverage.

Now, some of my anger is rightly directed at him, and some of it is no fault of his own – it could be anyone. But one of my giant pet peeves is thinking I have something, that I don’t. Specifically food. (Yes, I am in therapy for my food issues. That’s a whole other post.)

I hate coming home, expecting to find something I have been saving, or just remember buying sometime in the past. Whether it’s my leftovers, or frozen pizza or whatever. When it’s not there, I experience a level of anger that I can definitely talk myself out of (usually) but it just can’t be normal.

Right now? I am heating up leftovers. I check on the top of the fridge because I know Frank bought some 100 calorie cupcake things. I had no intention of actually finding it, because hey, we bought it days ago, and if it lasted the hour I would have been shocked. And yet? Mild irritation that it’s not there. I shouldn’t be eating those anyway. I barely like them.

My microwave beeped and my questionably delicious leftovers are ready. There is no Diet Coke.  Well, the world may have just collapsed.

I need caffeine-free Diet Coke/Pepsi, because I am approximately 87 years old and the caffeine irritates my gastritis. So, Frank and I buy soda in both the Diet form (for him) and the Caffeine Free Diet form (for me). We buy him twice as much, since he drinks twice as much. Well, apparently – the well was dry, because the only soda in the house is about an 1/8th of an inch of Diet Pepsi, sitting on the counter, with the lid barely screwed on. And yet, while this isn’t a shock to me (and I have some delicious lemonade as a back-up plan), it never ceases to amaze me how annoyed I am.

And I don’t mean this to be a big post about why my boyfriend is a jerk – because he isn’t. It’s more I WANT SODA NOW and I am whining to the internet like a toddler. Am I crazy? Do other people have these tantrums?


P.S.  Update: The lemonade is awful. You fail, Stew Leonard’s.

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  1. February 3, 2009 11:35 pm

    I swear we are sisters.
    there is nothing wrong with you.
    Trust me.
    Unless there is something wrong with the both of us.
    I love your posts. I love how you write so cohearently (so I have a cold and am not reaching for the dictionary)
    seriously. I totally dig this post.

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