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Any press is good press?

February 7, 2009

Since about the middle of last year, I have been faithfully blogging every book I read – presumably for a year, but who knows how long I will keep it up. The blog gets some decent traffic, but it’s mainly from friends. I don’t really think about traffic or readership too much, because unlike this one, I know what it’s sole purpose is, and it’s really just to keep myself entertained and give an accounting of what I read.

I got a little behind on the blogging because I read a few good books in a row, and I ended up having to post two entries in a day, just to keep myself in line. I didn’t love the second book, and was a little burnt out about writing about how I feel about customer service books about Starbucks, so I just kind of jotted something down. Of course, that’s when the author of the book finds my post about his book and comments. How embarrassing. I stand by what I wrote – I didn’t really love the book, but most of that wasn’t the author’s fault. It didn’t come highly recommended, I am a little burnt out on books of the kind and I am not sure there is anything original left for me to hear about Starbucks. Just because he wrote it first doesn’t mean I read it first.

The only other author who has commented on my blog was the author of a book I really liked (thank goodness) – “Half of Me.”  I wish more authors would find my comments about books I loved (and offered me thousands of free books and sent me their manuscripts in gratitude with solicitations for my editing advice) but the ones I don’t fall in love with? I am not sure. If I really, really disliked it, part of me wishes they would find my review and change it or discuss it with me. The other half of me hopes they never find it because I really hate the idea of hurting someone’s feelings.

But, when I write? I have to write with the idea that someone I don’t want to read it, may.  It’s the same thing I try to keep in mind on this blog. And I should remember not to post just for the sake of posting.

Blog, blog. Blog blog blog. Blog Blogging blogger, blog. I feel like this whole post was just blog-blog!

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