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Choose Your Own Vacation

February 10, 2009

Frank and I need a vacation, and I have enough vacation days to take one. What we don’t have is money, but at this point – we need a vacation.

I don’t want to spend more than$1,500 and my only goal is to not think. I don’t want anything where we are doing lots of sightseeing or running around. A pool would be perfect. Except, if that’s all I do, I will go nuts. And Frank is not really the sunbathing type. So, I was thinking an all-inclusive resort of some type. Or a cruise? We also don’t really gamble and Frank doesn’t drink.

At this point, I think we have decided on a Carribean cruise. Four nights. We are trying to decide between Royal Carribean, Carnival or Celebrity. Anyone have any opinions or experience? Would it be good for two young people who act like old people?

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  1. Chelsea Hurst permalink
    March 16, 2009 4:31 pm

    Just browsing… Just got home from a cruise actually. I’ve taken 4 in my liftime (I’m 24, so that’s quite a bit!) I’ve done 2 Norwegian and 2 Royal Carribean… all to the Mexico/Honduras area. My advice? Royal Carribean allll the way. They are fantastic. The service is MUCH better. Their ships are beautiful. You two sound like my husband and I … I love to lay out and read. He can’t be in the sun. But we both love cruising. There are activities and shows. Best vacation for the money! (I have heard nothing but negative things about Carnival from “cruisers” so I’d stay away from them. My parents did a Celebrity about 7 months ago. They enjoyed it but still prefer RC.) Will be posting stories from my cruise throughout the week… stop by.

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