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Darwin and Fairy Doors

February 12, 2009

Today is Darwin’s 200th Birthday. Pretty cool. I attended a phone conference celebrating his birthday (and joined the facebook group) that is hosted by Phil Terry of Creative GoodA friend sent me this Gallup Poll – It’s pretty depressing. But, I do think that framing it as “do you believe?” is already part of the problem. Evolution isn’t something to believe in, like a deity or a religion. I also think a lot of people don’t “believe” in Evolution because they don’t understand it. They either think its this Lemarckian concept, or they think that we decended from orangutans holding the atheist’s nightmare – a banana. In any case, it drives me crazy.

And, in case you are riled up about Creationism or mystical forces that started “macro-evolution” – I present to you the awesome catalog ever. The Pyramid Collection. I always thought this was a guilty pleasure of mine – found during my gothy teenage days. recently wrote about it for their “Day In Catalogs” feature and I am spreading the love. (I not-so-secretly love the Fairy Doors.) I love the “Goddess Plus Sizing” and the random “personal massagers” and the flowy dresses and rings that can conceal poison. And the horrible plaques about Dragons and Magick within. I highly recommend it – just don’t forget to remove yourself from the mailing list if you decide owning a small, crystal dragon collection seems like a good idea.

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