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In Like a Lion

March 2, 2009

March is going to be a busy month. It kicked off with my birthday (yay!) and two days of celebration. Unfortunately, I had a migraine most of my birthday-day, and I was kind of out of it. I took today off, to kind of just hang out and get stuff done and it was a snow day. Frank and I had some fun cleaning off the car, but I didn’t get to do the chores I was hoping to cross off the list. And now I think I am getting the chest cold that everyone else has and I had thought avoided. Ducky.

Today is also my Aunt Anita’s birthday (she should only have nachas*!). Next up is my sister Marisa’s, then Talia’s. The 13th would have been my Aunt Nadine’s birthday. On the 9th is my friend Terry’s birthday, the 15th is Jason’s. The 21st I am invited to dinner to celebrate Amanda’s birthday. Then from the 23rd through the 28th, Frank and I are taking a cruise (we finally decided on a Royal Caribbean cruise to Belize City and Cozumel. So excited!)

I also have a doctor appointment on the 5th for a consultation for a sleep study. If I need one, I assume I will also need an appointment for an actual sleep study. Plus a standing appointment on Sundays with a shrink, and another one at some time during the week at a date I have now forgotten.

Not to be outdone, I did decide to apply to grad school. Everything must be in by April 1st, but because of the aforementioned cruise, that really means – March 22nd. I am working on the essay now, but its a rough draft, and I need to send it to those who offered recommendations, so they have an idea what to write. I also need to figure out why the people at ETS are making it so difficult to get my GRE scores. Oh, and to panic and second guess myself  a few times.

And – not to be outdone, the company I work for just got some great news and funding, and there are lots of opportunities there, but a lot of hard work to be done. I am looking forward to doing it, but I have a feeling that vacation is going to be truly well-earned and needed for April.


(* What, you should expect another language? Nachas is Yiddish for pleasure, or something that brings you pride.)

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