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The Gallery of Awful Art – Dude Looks Like a Lady

March 10, 2009

This is my piece d’resistance. Like any true masterpiece – it has a story.  Frank and I were wandering around and checking out the barn and yard sales near his family’s cabin in Kerhonkson, NY looking for random stuff to buy (Frank has me on permanent look-out for guitars), when we came across this objet d’art in a barn sale (when you talk about art, it makes you look super-smart if you use French words).

Hideously Awesome

To the untrained eye, one would think it’s simply a really bad, awfully colored painting of some guy.  I was thinking John Lennon – but ya know, it could have been any dirty hippie. Frank and I just stood there for a bit, admiring it’s blatant awfulsomeoness and trying to figure out if that striped … appendage to the left is an arm or a leg.

Well, the proprietor of this establishment could identify well-seasoned art critics when he sees them, so he engaged us in a lively conversation. He revealed a stunning fact about this canvas-backed beauty. You see, it’s a favorite piece of his, since he knew the artist. And he knows how much the artist hated to part with this portrait of his wife. Yes, his wife. This was a painting of a woman. That someone loved and cherished. A woman immortalized by her deftly painted cleft chin and laugh lines. With her leg or arm thrown over her shag hair-do without a care in the world.

We had to have it – and we got to keep the original peeling wood frame!

This is proudly hung over our couch in the living room. The picture below should give some scale, and show how much we also treasure our beloved unicorns.

Living Room

Best $50 we ever spent.

What’s the focal point of your living room?

3 Comments leave one →
  1. Frank permalink
    March 11, 2009 10:22 pm

    There’s a ghost throwing the metal sign in the left of the photo!

  2. March 13, 2009 3:20 pm

    You know, that’s just plain awesome! I wouldn’t spend $50 on it, though. I’d spend maybe $25 or something. But almost $100….nah. It’s beautiful though! lol

  3. The.Big.Show.At.UD permalink
    August 12, 2010 12:25 pm

    haha. it’s got character. sounds like the artist was a character. i wonder how his wife felt about the picture.

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