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Ask Erica (Advice from the Internet)

April 16, 2009

I don’t know if this is a normal thing, or that everyone fancies themselves a great advice giver, but I have had a few people, especially lately, tell me I am really good at reading situations and giving advice. Also, I think the same intuitive leaps that make me a good Internet Stalker, also make me good at figuring out what people will do next. We can also pretend it’s my background in Anthropology, but I am pretty sure that’s stretching it.

So, I am now inviting people to “Ask Erica” and submit their burning questions to be answered by an intuitive, insightful Internet Person™. I am hoping to make this a regular thing.

My credentials:  I love advice columns and read too much about etiquette and ethics and all that other jazz. I have a crazy, messed-up family and can speak from experience. I have been in both inappropriate, tortured love affairs, and wonderful, sane, stable relationships.  As for careers, I have been everything from an assistant clown to a marketing and customer service professional. I have seen the worst of office politics, and the best. I also love, love, love giving my opinion.

So, I am accepting questions on relationships (office, love or family), or professional “what am I doing with my life/how do I get “X” job” or “what do I do about my co-worker whose nose whistles ABBA” type questions. Also, “modern day etiquette.” I can give some career advice, and tell you if you are crazy, or totally justified.

Subjects in which I will not stand behind my advice (but will give it anyway): House cleaning tips, financial advice and pet care.

I promise to keep them anonymous (if that’s what you request) and to tell it to you straight (but I will try not to be a jerkface).  If I can’t answer your question, I promise to try to pull in an “Internet Expert” and help you out.

Email your burning questions to youshouldonlyknow <at> gmail dot com. I will answer as many as possible.

Some Advice Columns/Blogs I Love:

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Evil HR Lady

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The Advice Goddess

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Carolyn Hax

P.S. Before you submit anything, please remember you are asking advice from a girl who managed to temporarily blind and choke herself on tap water.


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