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May 9, 2009

This is me, sharing my love of fabulous things on the Internet. I wanted to tell you guys about Ebates. In the interest of full-disclosure: There is nothing to disclose. This review is out of the goodness of my heart. Although, in theory – if you want to try it out and send me an email or leave a comment asking for one, I can send you a link to join – and if you join through me, you get a $5 and I get $5. So, that’s kind of win-win. But – not really the point. Moving on…

There are lots of ways to earn money on line, most of them dubious, and some so not worth the time or energy. The way Ebates works is that if you are going to do some online shopping, instead of going straight to or – you go to Ebates first, and click the link through their site. They have a ton of stores available, and jsut by clicking on that link, you get some percentage of your purchase as “cash back.” This won’t interfere with any coupons or anything else you may have – it’s just kind of – awesome bonus money.

Stuff I like about Ebates:

  • It actually works. They routinely mail me checks, I cash them – it’s over. It’s been about three years, and while I haven’t made a ton (about $40), I have not seen a “catch” yet.
  • It’s really easy. I also tried upromise, but I feel like I have to remember to do something, or request money or something. I think I probably set up some parameters on ebates about when I want checks sent to me – but whatever I did – it works. Every once in awhile, money just shows up.
  • The cash back rebates aren’t that stingy. Okay, some are 1 or 2%, which hardly seems worth it – but you are already at the site when you find that out – what’s the point of not clicking the link? (Sephora is 8% and 1800 Flowers is 15%!)

Stuff that isn’t as awesome

  • I haven’t found a plugin or add-on (although hopefully someone will post and prove me wrong) but I sometimes forget to use it (Which is why I have only made $30. I definitely shop more than that!).
  • I don’t go to the bank too often, because I don’t receive paper checks that often – so sometimes, if they check they are mailing me is only for $5, I may forget to take it to the bank and eventually – it expires. This is not’s fault, but you know, if you are as lazy as me (doubtful) – it may not be worth it. Unless you shop a lot, which means you probably have lots of money and maybe aren’t as lazy as me. Likely.
  • The amount of stores makes me want to do shopping that I wasn’t planning on doing. This is more the fault of “the internet” as a whole.

So, in short – check out And if you want, tell me to send you an email and this way we both make money. But if you join and love it too – that’s all the payment I need (awwwwww!)

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  1. May 10, 2009 1:08 am

    Oh snap! This is equal parts awesome and bad. My internet shopping is definitely going to be upped by way of this site; all I needed to see was that there was cash back involved.


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