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Five Questions with Genius Pending

July 23, 2009

As part of the 20sb blog swap (first time I have ever done this!) I was introduced to Jay Ferris at Genius Pending. This may be one of the best things to come out of the group yet!  I don’t think I could explain what Genius Pending is about – but really? Who cares. It makes me laugh, and when I see a new post – I generally save it for last (like the way I eat  – I like the good stuff to be the last taste. Then I pick on other people’s plates.)

The other reason I like Jay, is that despite plenty of advance notice -we are both slackers. This was supposed to be a swap for yesterday. We failed. We also failed on picking a theme. We decided he would ask me five questions, and I would ask him, and we would post each other’s answers on the other one’s site.  I know. We are real innovators.

So, without further ado – “The Questions”

If you could live in any fantasy realm (literature or movie), which would it be? And given that it’s fantasy realm – what race are you?

It’s a toss-up between Harry Potter and Star Wars, specifically between being a wizard or being a Jedi, or even more specifically between living in a land of magic and one with the sweet bonus of interstellar travel.  In the end I’d probably have to go with the Harry Potter universe, if for no other reason because I would undoubtedly cut something off each time I attempted to use my lightsaber.

Is there a book or movie that you wished you had written?

I feel that way about most of Chuck Palahniuk’s stuff.  He’s pretty much the perfect blend of funny and totally fucked up, which reminds me a great deal of my childhood.

If you could be any profession, forget about the money, what would you be? (cop-out answers like “writer, philanthropist and rockstar” are unacceptable.)

Travel writer.  Specifically one who covers the roller coaster and brewery scene.  Although it’s not likely that the two would ever be covered on the same day, lest it result in a picture such as this one.

What do you REALLY think of my site? Do you think we would be friends in real life?

You seem cool, I like your sense of humor, and you have pretend pets.  I think we would absolutely be friends in real life, especially were I to run into your mustached alter ego, Questionably-Hygienic Sanchez.

What kind of blogs do you hate?

Hate is a pretty harsh word for a group of people that are so easy to avoid, but if I had to use it, I’d say that I hate the kinds of blogs that are all about white supremacists hurling agitated kittens at underprivileged children.

And that, my friends – is Jay Ferris. To read my answers to his (much more creative) questions, check out Genius Pending.

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