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How long was my weekend…?

August 24, 2009

So long it took over a week to write about it and is blogged about one day at a time!

Last Saturday was the 15th and officially the day we started paying rent on the new apartment. Yay!  Neither our current (old) apartment nor the new apartment would let us do an official move during the weekend, so we scheduled that for Thursday (the 20th) but the idea of spending yet even one more night in the old roach motel was too much to bear, we decided to move that weekend. Well, that and the parking is a thousand times better in the new place – this will become important later.

Saturday morning, we wake up bright and early. Frank and I heroically move our boxspring and mattress to the roof rack of our car, and drive it the new apartment. Thank god, I was still in love with it–check out the awesome diagram that Frank drew!


We go back to our old apartment, and strap the couch to the car. Bring it to the new place along with some clean clothing, toiletries, cleaning supplies. Clean, do some spackling, eat some breakfast/lunch. Then we go back to our old apartment and shower. Why? Because we then had to do a two and a half hour drive up to New Paltz, NY for the wedding of one of Frank’s friends from grad school. Because we are insane.

We get there, and it’s a beautiful place. And the bride is beautiful, and the service made me cry even though I had never really met the couple before and altogether very sweet. Except, my darling future brides – if you are going to have a wedding in the middle of August, on what was arguably the hottest day of the year, please, please tell your attendees if it is an outdoor wedding. Not only would I have rethought my dress and Frank his blazer, I wouldn’t have worn heels to get stuck in the grass. We were actually the only friends in attendance from grad school, which was probably good, because I didn’t have the energy to be charming and delightful. And sweating on people? Not attractive. Frank and I entertained each other, and I provided a lovely feast for the mosquitoes.

We gave our love to the bride and groom, made a few new friends, toasted the new couple and then drove back down to NYC. We got back to the area around 10ish, just in time to stop at a bar for a friend’s birthday to celebrate and say goodbye to some friends who are moving to Brussels. Finally, we returned to the new apartment and parked our car easily  (see – who would have wanted to find parking that late at night, that exhausted?)

On Sunday, we painted. All day. Pictures and stories to follow.

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  1. August 25, 2009 2:21 pm

    Parking can be the biggest pain or a huge relief. I’m glad you found the latter.

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