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Twitter Self Conscious

October 2, 2009

2619213845_7a5f2fdccf_bI am recovering from my “I worked on Yom Kippur and was punished with the plague” cold and am getting ready for an exciting weekend. I have some friends coming over for brunch, and I am trying to “sell” my neighborhood to one of them, so Forest Hills better put it’s Game Face on! And then in the evening it’s another friend’s engagement party (I am definitely at that age.) Then Sunday is a possible day at the theater with Grandma Flo (I promise, if it happens, the blog post may write itself) and then on Sunday, something I am really excited about – if you are in the NYC area, come down and get your Nerd on to compete in True Nerd Trivia. It’s like pub trivia for those of us picked last in gym class.

But, today’s post is about an important topic in our social media world. Tweeting to celebrities. There are a lot of celebs on Twitter (and those who wish they were celebrities – I am looking at you Hailey Glassman) and I follow … a lot of them. Like, enough for my tweetdeck to have it’s own column of Celebs. And sometimes, just sometimes – I want to respond. And it’s so, so, so embarassing.

Why? It’s weirdly sycophantic and pathetic and just … odd.  And when Twitter displayed every tweet you made, it was totally out of the question to me. But now it only displays a tweet to someone if you also follow them, so in theory – you would only know I tweeted to Kevin Smith if you also followed Kevin Smith (who never responded, btw). Which makes it slightly less embarassing. Unless you went to my twitter feed or looked at the side of my blog, you wouldn’t know that I have also responded to Alyson Denisof (nee Hannigan) (about drinking water! Who AM I?). I don’t actually expect them to respond, so I have no idea why I do it – and I smirk at other people when I see them do it (because I am a total hypocrite).

But part of the whole draw of Twitter is that you may actually have access to these celebrities, in a way you wouldn’t have had otherwise. And that’s kind of cool. So, I will still use caution and a bit of embarassment to gauge on a reply to a celebrity, but I have to tell you – despite my total Kevin Smith failure, I tweeted a question to Suze Orman (I love, love, love Suze) and SHE TWEETED BACK! The advice was only kind of helpful, and she ignored the follow-up question, but … I just wanted to brag.

Do you tweet to celebrities? Ever have a meaningful conversation? Been served with a restraining order?

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  1. October 3, 2009 5:44 pm

    I rarely tweet to celebrities, but I do tweet to authors that I follow. They are more likely to respond and seem more accessable. I tweeted once to Alyson Hannigan with no response. But I do have my own “famous people’ column on Tweetdeck.

  2. October 6, 2009 10:05 am

    The only 2 celebs I ever got a response from was Plug One from De La Soul, and Clinton Kelly from What Not To Wear.

    Plug One just thanked me for being a fan/supporter (De La Soul was the first hip-hop tape I ever bought).

    Clinton was tweeting about how he wanted to replace all the Burger Kings with some fancy-pants sandwich shop. I made some comment about how not everyone can afford it. And he was all “for just a few dollars more, you can have fresh organic ingredients…” And I went off about how not everyone HAS a few extra dollars. A few dollars for me is LAUNDRY. I told him that for the price of one of those sandwiches, I can make myself PB&J for a week. Some of us gotta do what we gotta do. He never responded to that, so I consider it a win. I think it’s very easy for the rich/famous to be all judgemental when they HAVE the money to live better than us.

  3. October 6, 2009 2:40 pm

    I once got a Tweet from Chris Hardwick, but other than that I usually only follow celebs that I like simply because I like them, not in the hopes of actually making contact with them. Since most of them are a bunch of self-absorbed a-holes and all.

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