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Need a home or foster for a dog ASAP

July 8, 2010
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I was walking Eva this morning before work at about 6:30, and came across a dog hanging out in the condo with the nighttime security guard. She was super friendly. After bringing Eva upstairs (who isn’t dog-friendly), I learned that someone dumped the dog overnight.

I’ve been spending all morning trying to find a foster or home for this dog. I really, really, really don’t want to bring her to animal control, because that’s pretty much a death sentence.

Please, please, please help. I’ll drive her anywhere in the tri-state area. She is just an incredibly sweet, trusting dog and couldn’t be cuter. She’s currently at the vet (since I can’t bring her in my apartment because of Eva) but I only have until 7pm to figure out something to do with her.

I’m calling her Thora.

She’s about a year and a half. I gave her a rabies shot and she has no fleas.

She wagged her tail and licked everyone’s faces through the whole exam, shot and bath. She played well with the other dogs at the office, and even the office cat.

The people at the vet’s office think that her multiple bruises, cuts and scrapes are because she was thrown from a car. I can’t wrap my head around that one.

She’s not great on a leash, but at only 40 lbs., she’s certainly manageable. She’s REALLY skinny, but I think that even after she gains some weight, she won’t be that much bigger.


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