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Potpourri for $200, Alex

July 20, 2010

nov. 2004 006_editedYou know what’s worse than a blog post explaining why they had stopped blogging? A second blog post where the author explains why she stopped blogging and has promised to return.  So this won’t be one. Except, it kind of already is.

Okay, so a recap. Where have I been? Well, since June:

  • Frank left for his summer season in Iceland.
  • My dad and sisters came to visit me for 11 days. In my one bedroom apartment. For 11 days.
  • Dad borrowed my car and it was towed.
  • Had my office moved to midtown from all the way downtown.
  • My dog bit the downstairs neighbor. Everyone’s fine, but that was a pretty tense, tear-filled week.
  • Eva is now in weekly “group therapy” classes with lots of other dogs and doing great.
  • I received the world’s craziest email from a high school acquaintance of mine regarding my dog training techniques. While I didn’t take anything to heart, recitations of this punctuation deficient email have provided hours of endless entertainment. Did you guys know I was ” a hypocrite and youre (sic) pretentious” Also, I’m an “imposter.” I’m still not sure why, but it did cause me to realize I needed both a “professional Facebook page” and one for potential ticking high school drama bombs.
  • Flo was found on her floor, unconscious after three days. Double pneumonia, kidney failure, a heart attack and some sort of liver issue. Amazingly, she’s fine and torturing people in a rehab center.
  • My other grandma hurt her leg and is still in a rehab center, recovering.
  • Yes, for those of you keeping track at home, that’s two grandmothers in two rehab centers, in two states.
  • All of the above happened in the same two weeks.
  • Someone tossed a dog out of their car near my apartment and I took her to the vet and found her a foster home. We are still looking for a permanent home for her. Can you help?
  • I went hiking and messed up my knee pretty badly.
  • I fell in love with Gotham Girls Roller Derby
  • It got really busy at work, and I’m finally feeling as productive as I should be.  I’m also learning all sorts of new stuff that I didn’t realize I wanted to know, but I’m glad I do.

And I’m sure lots of other stuff.  And I think part of why I haven’t been blogging (as if the above wasn’t enough of a time suck) is because I still don’t know what I want this blog to be so it felt difficult to pick up the pen again, so to speak. And now that BlogHer is coming up really quickly (and I am attending – are you?) I feel like I should figure it out. Soon. I’ve been inspired by so many other wonderful, new-ish blogs but I can’t seem to figure out my niche.

I keep being torn by things I feel like I should write about, that will make me some sort of famous internet superstar and secure me lots of future jobs but may bore me, or if I should write a more mundane, personal blog, in which it can’t really ever be authentic because not only does it have my name on it and my friends read it, but potential future employers of that fabulous unknown future job would be. And can you, at this point really mix the two?

Can’t someone just give me a book deal and pay me to write guest posts already? Or send me fabulous exciting swag to review?

The List of Awesome Blogs I Have Found Recently That Make Me Happy, Inspire Me and Make Constantly Rethink This Blog (Warning, there is absolutely no cohesiveness to this list)

  • Epbot (the girly, nerdy blog from the creator of CakeWrecks)
  • 20SomethingFinance
  • Hyperbole and a Half (this blog makes me laugh so hard, I actually can’t read an entry all at once, because my sides hurt and my co-workers look at me funny, until I send them all the link. I’m a giant, nerdy fangirl)
  • Rage Against The Minivan (It’s a blog about adoption and mixed-ethnicity families and it’s written by a minister’s wife and I have no idea how I started reading it, but I’m totally engrossed.)
  • An MBA is Forever
  • OneWomanMarketing
  • WonderpugGraphics: The Blog (My good friend Carolann. She was a co-worker but now she’s moved on to something new and awesome. Thank god I have her blog to keep my company. It’s not going to share cookies in the middle of the day, but it will have to do.)

PotpourriCreative Commons License photo credit: Lathyrus

  1. July 21, 2010 12:01 am

    Woohoo, thanks for the shout out =)

  2. July 26, 2010 12:48 am

    so sorry about your grammas.
    That is terrible.

    Keep us posted
    and soooo nice to have you back !

  3. Carol permalink
    August 10, 2010 11:18 am

    Hey, you forgot one!
    After a million years, you finally got to spend some quality time with Frank’s little sister! We learned lots!

    • August 10, 2010 4:51 pm

      Some moments are too special to share with the internet! 🙂

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