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The Guide to Modern Manners and Sticky Situations

August 6, 2010

Hi! This is the first post of the relaunch of YouShouldOnlyKnow. After some quick market research at BlogHer10 and a positive reception – TADA! Here we are. Design update to follow (as soon as I find a designer who is fabulous, works for cheap and can understand my incredibly vague directions.)

So, what is this blog about now?

The tagline is “The Guide to Modern Manners and Sticky Situations.” You can read more about it in the spiffy “About” page, but it was borne out of the idea that somewhere along the way, manners and etiquette started seeming stuffy. And then there’s this whole giant entitlement thing that gobbled up some of us. Like, did you know some people didn’t even know “walk on the right” is what you are supposed to do?

So, some of it is me ranting about thank you notes, and walking on the right, and not texting and driving. And some of it is me answering all the questions that my friends ask me in real life, but … on the internet.

Questions like:

  • “What do I bring for when meeting my boyfriend’s parents when it’s also his sister’s birthday and his parents don’t drink?”
  • “My friend just got a job that’s way over her head and she keeps asking me for help. I can’t do two jobs!”
  • “Am I supposed to brush my teeth before going to the dentist?”
  • “How do I keep from murdering my friends because they insist on an engagement party, a bridal shower, a lingerie shower, a rehearsal dinner, an envelope stuffing party, a photo viewing party and a makeup trial. And then a cash bar.”

Etiquette? Really?

Etiquette isn’t just about what fork you should eat with, or white shoes after Labor Day. What it’s really about is guidelines, so we know how to do the right thing. And what’s the right thing? It’s the thing that makes people comfortable. Etiquette and manners should never be invoked to make people feel uncomfortable, or out of place. The point is to know what to do so that the playing field is level. But there’s no bible (though Emily Post comes close) – and no one source or tome could cover all the random situations we come across – so, you have to be flexible. And sometimes you need a little help. But essentially, it’s about doing the right thing. Keep that in mind, and “don’t be a jerk” and you should be fine. And if you are being a jerk, I’ll tell you!

So, welcome! And if you have a question of your own – please, ask away. e-mail , twitter – whatever is easiest.

P.S.  To My Loyal, Wonderful Regular Readers. And Mishpocheh:
Fear not. While I understand some of you may not be interested in this new direction, I can promise you that I would not dare you leave you without stories about my crazy family. Except now the stories will be framed as “How To Handle It When It’s Your Insane Relative Screaming Obscenities at Nurses in the Rehab Center.”

See? I wouldn’t forget you.

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  1. August 6, 2010 11:02 pm

    love this! glad you are back and can’t wait to keep reading!

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