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Erica Approved: Secrets of a Hiring Manager E-Book

April 4, 2011


Stuff I Like

I’ve long touted the sheer brilliance of Alison Green (She of Ask A Manager fame). Why? She’s funny, smart, articulate and I just generally … like her.  I can easily point friends to her blog when they have management questions and I’ve always enjoyed the discussions that pop up in her comments section. Alison and I? We get along. We just have similar sensibilities. And snark. These are the things that really count.

A while back I told her that I was considering a job change. This was a tricky one for me, because not only had I never done this, I couldn’t really leverage the network I had, and I usually rely on my wonderful (now former) boss for stuff career stuff like this. Alison swooped in and was just really amazing. She had advice, she had encouragement, she didn’t block me for long, rambly, anxious emails.  And the best of all? She wrote the book on this whole process. Literally.

I don’t really consider myself an e-book person (I’m even semi-anti-Kindle) but I trust Alison. I’m also not as self-help-y as one would think an anxious nutcase like myself would be. But when someone I trust writes a book? A friend? You kinda owe it to yourself (and her) to at least give it a shot.

Yeah. There’s a reason she’s an expert.

I read the book. I listened to her speak. And while I consider myself already a pretty good interviewer, I was definitely rusty and feeling incredibly nervous and anxious. A lot has changed since high school and I have a bad tendency to get self-deprecating and giggly when I’m nervous. That doesn’t really scream “confident professional.”

Why You Should Buy This Book

This book? Really, really helped. Some of it was stuff I know, from being generally pretty savvy about management and interviewing in my own right, but there was something about having it all there in front of me that built my confidence. And as hokey as this sounds, just the act of listening and reading made me feel prepared – like, I had done all I could do ace whatever comes my way. And she gives you something to “do” instead of just feel like the job fates are some whimsical fairies.

The results? Well, I had a ton of interviews for a few different companies. I aced all of them. I was offered a few different positions, and eventually got the job I really, really wanted. I should note that the job I really, really wanted also had the most … well, let’s just say it was a long, multi-step process.  (Which, for the record, I appreciated in its thoroughness, but was grateful that I had backup in the form of this book and some encouraging emails).

So in short, I want to officially endorse this book.  I know it can be tough to spend money, especially if you are looking for a job, or even just for ephemeral “books on the internet” but I really, really think that this will be a few bucks really well spent. I recommended it to my almost sister-in-law, and she was at first skeptical but trusts me (fool!) and wrote back after reading it “Whoa! This book is awesome. some super advice! I’ve already made up a bunch of lists.

Learn more and buy about the How to Get a Job: Secrets of a Hiring Manager book.

Just want some confidence about interviews? Alison has you covered.

I’d love to hear what you guys think!


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  1. April 5, 2011 3:20 pm

    Thank you!

    You know, I had been somewhat anti-Kindle too, probably for the same reasons as you, but then I got one before a long trip, and I have to say — they are awesome for the plane and when you’re traveling in general. I always want to take multiple books when I travel, and it gets tiring lugging them around, and this thing barely weighs anything and can store 5,000 books or something ridiculous like that. I still won’t use it when I’m at home, but I’m converted for travel.

    • April 5, 2011 8:07 pm

      I will absolutely not argue with travel for Kindle. My objection to it isn’t even the whole “I like having a book in my hands” thing (which is true.) It’s generally that I try to read 2-3 books a week. And all of my books are library books. And while libraries do lend out e-books, yada yada yada, it’s not really “there” yet. So, having a Kindle (et al) would mean I’d actually spend money on books. And that’s just … not happening when my public library is so free and awesome.

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