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Rockin’ Friday Night

October 7, 2011

It’s been a little hectic around here lately, and this weekend is going to be packed – so when I realized that Frank had plans for tonight and I had none … I have to admit I was excited about having the night and the apartment to myself. I neglected to think past “get home, get in pajamas” and am apparently too lazy to even figure out how to make real food, so I have eaten ramen for dinner.

I caught up on the Hulu shows I won’t make Frank watch/he doesn’t like.

I read a book.

Blogged about the book.

I read through my RSS feeds.

Caught up on my regular internet haunts (Facebook, OffbeatBride, Jezebel, SomethingAwful, NerdNYC).

I’ve taken the dog for her evening constitutional.

I’m at the end of the internet, I’m relaxed, I’m vaguely hungry and not yet sleepy. I love this. I love feeling like I had enough “me” time and now I’m ready for my boyfriend to come home so I can tell him all about my day. And hope he makes me something to eat. (Which means I should probably clean the kitchen.)

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  1. JessB permalink
    October 11, 2011 10:35 pm

    That sounds like a great night!

    At the moment, I feel pulled in a hundred different directions: I work full-time, study part-time, have two group assignments happening this semester, and still want to see my family (mum and dad, who split up nearly a year ago, and two sisters and a brother) and my friends.

    So when I get a night at home on my own, I cherish it! Sure, I have to make time to do home stuff, like the dishes, but I can make it interesting by whipping up a cake first, and eating the leftovers from the bowl while I watch an episode of Misfits. Then, once the bowl is clean, I wash up – and by then, the cake is ready!

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