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The more things change …

March 13, 2012

I think my life is a re-run.

So, the wedding is about 6 months away, and I’ve given up on my weight loss math. (What’s weight loss math? You know, the “if I lose 3 lbs. a week, times x weeks, and minus the “bad” week of my birthday then by the wedding — I’ll be a supermodel!” math.)

I’ve accepted that I’ll never lose enough weight by the wedding to look like a supermodel, but that’s okay. I ordered the dress in the size I was then (and am a few pounds lighter now) and it is what it is. That being said, I wouldn’t mind being a little lighter and more toned. That, and I need to work out for heart health and to reduce anxiety and to brighten my mood and all the other reasons people need to get in shape.

Getting to the gym in the evenings after work just never happens for me. It should, since I work about 10 minutes from the gym, but I always find an excuse. I need to walk the dog, I have to stay late, there’s no parking – whatever. So, I’ve decided to start going again in the morning.  I’ve done this before.

I got to the gym this AM, so damn proud of myself. Driving to work makes it easier to not worry about bringing a ton of stuff, because I can just leave it in the car afterwards. I was running a little late this AM, but nothing tragic. A good gym run through. I caught up on my beloved Suze Orman podcasts and thought about writing this blog post. I remembered writing about my strange gym routines and traumas before, and thought it may be a good “hey, remember me!” post.

Great. I had a plan. I finished up my workout, showered and got dressed …

This time, instead of forgetting flip-flops for the shower, I forgot pants.

Seriously. Only me. So, I emailed my boss, and then drove home, and drove back to work.

Seems like I still need to work on that whole “preparedness” thing.

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