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Sunday Brain Dump

January 27, 2013

For the past few months, I’ve wanted to write. I have ideas for posts, I semi-draft them on my phone and I promise myself they’ll make an appearance. Last week I actually even took the time to start “drafts” for each of the ideas, hoping that they would eventually magically prompt me into writing them.

It hasn’t happened. Why? I’m not sure. Part of it is feeling overwhelmed, and so far behind and that my next post has to  be something big. And the other part of it is that well — this was a “lunchtime” blog and … I’m really, really busy at work. Lunchtime just doesn’t happen. And by the time I get home? The last thing I want to do is sit in front of a computer again. But, Frank just got me an awesome iPad, so maybe that will help?

In any case, instead of these half-formed thoughts sitting in drafts waiting for their Big Moment, here’s a brain dump about what I’m thinking about this week – in no particular order, some of them to be fleshed out later, some to be totally forgotten about..

  • Mom’s awesome recovery from a total left-side hip replacement.
  • A lot about personal finance. My own, and an interesting upcoming project in which I will likely have another blogging project to neglect/obsess/feel guilt over.
  • Designing the above-mentioned blog, and redesigning this one – hopefully with the help of the talented Carolann from Wonderpug.
  • Pinterest – my aspirational soul laid bare.
  • My forays into the world of slow cooking.
  • What I’m going to make for a vegetarian, Valentine’s Day-themed potluck lunch for 6 co-workers for lunch. Suggestions welcome!
  • How I became a somewhat confused and begrudging pro-gun ally and supporter. And why I am so, so, so tired of the whole debate. Both sides. Any sides. Please everyone, please stop.
  • The hypocrisy of outrage resulting from a transgender teacher who was fired from a Catholic school. (The church is against gay marriage and .. being gay in general – but y’all thought they’d be totally cool with someone who is transgender? Pfft.)
  • Is LASIK right for me, or am I giant wuss?
  • I want to make an “Escape from NY/Before I evetually/likely leave/What I take for granted” bucket list.
  • Professor Erica? I’m thinking about finding some sort of conference or even continuing ed program where I can teach social media marketing to beginners/older people/small business owners.
  • The wedding. I want to organize pictures, make an album for myself, an album for mom and an online album. And put something up on the blog!

Okay. Open thread! What’s on your mind?

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  1. JessB permalink
    February 2, 2013 6:48 am

    Oh, how excellent that you’re back – kinda! No pressure.

    I work at a university, so at the moment I’m thinking about all the re-enrolments and enrolments that are waiting for me to process. I feel way behind and under so much pressure to get this done. It’s not brain surgery, but it is money and study and the first experience that people have with us, and I want it to be good.

    Deep breath. I’ll be fine.

    I am also thinking about a professor I’ve just started working with, who is totally fantastic and who I’d love to ask out, but I’m just not that person. And he’s got a bit of history – three marriages – and although I don’t care about his age or his marriages, or anything like that, I know that others will, and he’ll know that others will.

    None of which is stopping me from wearing my most flattering outfits to work and dropping by his office on any pretext I can.

    Lovely to hear from you Erica, and really looking forward to wedding photos.

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