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October 17, 2013

Ever notice that lately, most of my posts on here are “Here’s why I don’t post lately.”

Yeah, me too.

It stinks.

I worry I’ve run out of steam with this blog. I still have so much I want to say, but … this just doesn’t feel like the right place to say it. I’ve always been a big fan of “If you are on the internet, there’s no point in being anonymous.” And I stand by it — but sometimes this blog feels more like a liability than a sounding board.

There’s just so much … baggage. Am I an advice column? A lifestyle blog? A personal blog? How does this reflect on my career as a social media marketer? Do I have to make sure I have everything totally up to snuff, otherwise my career is DOOMED? Does it matter?

But then I get re-inspired. Someone (usually a friend of a friend) will read my old posts, and I’ll get all sorts of emails telling me how brilliant and funny I am. I should write a book! Star in a sitcom!

They’re right! I totally should. But … with a looming $200 hosting fee, I think I need to give up the ghost. I’ll still write for, but I made the switch away from self-hosting. This means totally nothing to you, the reader. But to me, it’s kind of admitting that this blog isn’t my primary hobby any more.

Maybe it will be be once again, when things with my family calm down (but really — I mean, you’ve read the blog. That’s not likely to happen!), or maybe when I don’t have a million other competitions on my time, or when I think there’s something worth saying whose story doesn’t rely on me telling someone else’s story.

Either way, I’m still here. And I hope that by reducing the pressure on myself, you’ll see more of me! But I also hope that some of you will follow me to a personal finance blog that I’ve been writing in my head (and hasn’t been named yet — suggestions welcome!), and maybe on my journey to actually be published other places that aren’t here.

Who knows! But thanks for believing in me. I’ll be funny again one day. Maybe.

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